Why does most financial advice focus on minimizing expenses- isn’t it much more effective to maximize earnings (and thus have more to save?)

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Probably because it’s a lot easier to cut unnecessary expenses than to generate more income, especially if you’ve got kids to manage on top of a job, or some other big obligation like school or other family care.


Every $10 you earn nets you ~$7 after taxes. Every $10 expense you save nets you $10.


Probably because its not possible for everyone to go make 100k+ salary. Median income in the US is around 35k per person. You can’t just tell everyone to go make more money because high paying jobs are limited and require skills that maybe not everyone wants to do. So…minimalism and minimizing costs is something EVERYONE can do regardless of income. Therefore is has a wider potential audience. And for people who live on less income finding ways to reduce spending can help a lot if more money isn’t an option.


Because “just make more money” is bad advice, if you are making $50,000 a year and spending $50,000 then making $75,000 just means you’ll spend $75,000. Sudden windfalls(such as lottery winnings, large sports contracts or unexpected inheritance) for the financially inept almost never end in a good way with the people blowing the money in a few years if not less. Plus I’d argue that the idea of increasing earnings is a huge part of personal finance advice but there’s no special key to earning more besides working more or selling something people want and everyone knows that already. Learning how to be efficient with your money is better then learning how to get more so you can spend more.


“Creative” ways to make $10 a day are as much of a mental effort. If I’m given the option to cut out eating our or make bracelets to earn $10 a day to cover that meal…I’d just eat at home. Unless you had a scalable business idea, making significantly more money is a huge investment of time, resources, and mental effort. I’m in college that way I can make more money later on and it’s costing years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars. Not very easy, I’d say. I’ve taken on management roles in jobs to make more, making my work more difficult. I’ve jumped industries to things that require more time and effort to make more money.