Woman found in storm drain in South Florida now rescued from storm drain in Texas

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I am not gonna lie, I read this title as if she floated from FL to TX via the drains


This is much more of a sad story than funny. She clearly has some mental issues and needs help.


I don’t know if Florida has this issue but in the desert we have issues with people living in our storm drains. It becomes a serious problem when we’re in monsoon season and the coroner’s office has to spend their time collecting the bodies of people the police couldn’t get out before the torrent of rain water overwhelmed and drowned them.


>According to family, Kennedy suffers from psychosis and PTSD after years in an abusive relationship. Not very Onion-y, just kinda sad, aside from the snarky headline.


She reminds me of a patient we had this one time (rehab center). Alcohol and amphetamine were their two drugs of choice along with a borderline personality disorder diagnosis and they’d leave and wonder around aimlessly (Residential treatment. They’re not held against their will and there’s nothing staff can physically do to stop them if they want to leave, just try to talk them out of it) Addiction is never the sole problem of someone facing it though. There’s always co-occurring mental health issues and the drug/alcohol use just intensifies those. Kinda why it’s not uncommon to see sufferers doing weird shit like that