World Bank: Lebanon’s financial and economic crisis among world’s worst since 1850s

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I’ve been paying attention to the Lebanese economy since 2019, and it is a fucking shitshow let me tell you. It seems as though the current power structure which includes Hezbollah above others has no qualms running this country into the ground so long as they retain their grip on power. Back in 2019 they actually tried to tax WhatsApp messages in a bid to raise government revenue.


This is what happens when you elect terrorists to lead your country. They don’t know anything about actually running a country, and they don’t actually care about doing so either. Bringing people clean water, electricity or schools and jobs aren’t glamorous or exciting. And your Iranian financiers don’t give a shit whether any of that exists, in fact it’s better for them it doesn’t because it makes you a better PR tool.


I don’t understand. Didn’t MMT solve economics? Why don’t they just print more money and put everyone on UBI? ​ EDIT: I’m being sarcastic.


Iran can keep the money flowing


I’m guessing they aren’t the only ones, feels like we are in for some weird/hard months, years. Hope I’m wrong but with news like this I don’t know what to think.