TIL that ancient Greek and Roman statues were often painted in bright colours. The paint faded away over time, leaving white marble.

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It’s like with old battleships. They’re presented as just wooden but they were lavishly, to our eye even ridiculously, colourful and kitschy.


My art teacher explained this about the Parthenon replica located in Nashville TN. Patrons often complained the statue of Athena looks too garish. However, that’s what the statue actually looked like in antiquity.


I’m skeptical that the statues looked like these reproductions. No doubt they were painted, and they were very brightly colored. But these people put hundreds of hours meticulously sculpting every detail of the flesh. Then what just put a single color of paint over it? I think they would have put a lot of work into making the paint jobs just as detailed. Like maybe some shading and multiple tones. I’m sure they would still look garish to modern eyes, but I suspect they were painted by very skilled painters.


Its things like this that always get to me. Like the pyramids. They have survived until now but my god how they must have looked in the past, covered in pure white with a gold capstone on top shining like a beacon for dozens of miles in every direction…


Some archeologists in the past even scrubbed the colors off to preserve the mythical image of whiteness and purity of the Romans.


TIL while responding to a fire in Brooklyn, a firefighter was hit in the head by an air conditioner that fell from a two story window. He was knocked unconscious, but was saved by his helmet which was split in half by the AC unit.

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Helmets work. They save lives. Always wear a helmet.


My dad was a bricklayer, and he came home from work one day and showed me his hardhat, and it was broken completely in two. He said a laborer dropped a scaffolding plank off the scaffolding. Thirty years later, he still has the pieces of the hardhat.


If only Chidi Anagonye had worn a firefighter helmet


Can only imagine how much worse it could’ve been had the AC only been a floor or two higher, let alone the top floor.


I had a cycle helmet crack in half in a crash when I was a kid, which is sort of the same except I was being stupid and he was being a hero. Helmets work.


West Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccine incentives include guns, trucks and cash

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Have they tried giving away meth yet? Thats prolly what they’re holding out for.


Dude, whatever it takes. I’m the sucker who got vaccinated for free!

Would have been a lot cooler if I got a chance to win a truck, too….


>Acknowledging that some might question the practice of essentially bribing people to get immunized against a deadly virus, the governor indicated that logic dictates he do whatever works. 

>”If you step back and think, now why in the world would you have to give away something to get somebody vaccinated. Unfortunately it’s the way of the world in a lot of situations,” Justice reflected. “The faster we get them across the finish line, the more lives we save.”

Asked how he knew this would work he’s qouted as saying “That’s how we get things done in politics, you pay me enough money and I do what you want.”


I guess my prize is not dying from a now preventable illness but a million dollars should would help in life.




Cancer ‘power failure’ stops the spread of tumor cells – New research from the University of Salford shows that cutting off the fuel supply can effectively stop the spread of cancer cells

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Often times, when an article like this is posted, I see a slew of comments that sort of “bring us back down to earth” from where the headline had us.

This stuff is *far* beyond any of my areas of expertise, but these nuggets from the article seem to present a pretty optimistic narrative:


> This is important as nearly 90% of all cancer patients that undergo treatment failure, die from the spread of cancer throughout the body.

> The Translational Medicine Laboratory at the University of Salford have now isolated the ‘fittest’ cancer cells for the first time using a special sensor to detect ATP in living cells

> Fiorillo, Sotgia, Lisanti and colleagues used an FDA-approved drug that was originally designed to inhibit energy production in bacteria.
The drug, Sirturo, targeted the fuel supply of cancer cells and blocked metastasis by nearly 85%. The drug had no effects on normal cells, thereby minimizing side-effects. It found that treatment with Sirturo caused a ‘power failure,” but only in cancer cells

> Sirturo is already FDA-approved, with these findings paving the way for new cancer clinical trials.

Can anyone with more expertise provide a breakdown on whether or not this is as much of a breakthrough as it sounds to a layman like myself?


This theory has been around for at least 20 years. I know it was promoted as a big breakthrough that the hormone that promotes blood vessel growth in tumors had been identified and a drug developed to block it. And then nothing seemed to come of it. The idea was to starve the tumor of blood and kill it.


There are 3 posts about stopping cancer in the last 10 posts on my list. Hopefully one day soon, one of them will actually work outside of a lab!


In breast cancer often times estrogen is blocked since the cancer feeds from it. So is this the same thing but targeting other hormones/food supplies?


Is it true that a ketogenic diet (or fasting) would effectively accomplish the same thing? I heard that cancerous cells can’t get ‘fuel’ from ketones… maybe not a treatment by itself but a good complement.


Damn dirty apes!

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This is actually harassment. This is how retail traders only get access to ETF’s. Can’t wait for ego to ruin more shit.

People really need to be aware of where internet ends and real life begins.


As a reminder to anyone browsing this sub, we are not a group and we do not follow orders. We simply like the same stock and chose to discuss information and opinions of the stock in this forum. What one person does in this sub does not reflect the collective thoughts and actions of others. Fuck this shit.


All fun and games until the 🦍s cause the SEC to step in. This is not the way.


This isn’t ape behavior. Quit this shit.


These are not the true apes. We don’t harass people.


Failed Drug Test Confirmed for Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit

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After last year and again this year, the race does not thrill me to watch anymore. Same as politics, rich people cheating to win.


>Clark Brewster, a lawyer who represents Medina Spirit’s owner, Amr Zedan, said a laboratory at the University of California, Davis, testing a second postrace sample from the Derby, confirmed the presence of the drug betamethasone, a corticosteroid that is injected into joints to reduce pain and swelling, at a prohibited level. Baffert chose the lab where the sample was tested.

Ha! He requested the lab himself. Guess he won’t be using UC Davis any more. They’re probably “out to get him” too.

>In a text message, however, Brewster said the laboratory did not test the blood or urine samples for the presence of other compounds, “which could prove the **trace positive** came from an i**nadvertent and materially inconsequential contamination sourced from a topical ointment** used to treat Medina Spirit for a **skin lesion on his hip**.”

Emphasis mine.

1. Prohibited level does not equal “trace.”
2. Blood is usually drawn from the jugular for these tests. It’s a stretch to think any topical medication could’ve come from a lesion on the horse’s hip and somehow contaminate a blood draw from the neck – one that’s taken after wiping several times with alcohol, etc.


This means Mandaloun and his trainer Judd H. Cox will be declared the winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby, right?

That must be an interesting roller coaster of emotions, especially since they didn’t race Mandaloun at the Preakness.


Another junkie horse exposed. We need a war on horse drugs.



Thoroughbred horse racing is rampant with animal abuse.


National Enquirer publisher to pay $187,500 fine for Trump hush money payment

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Well, that $187,000 sure will show them. They might have to fire the company gardener.


That’s it? Come on man. How much money went under that table?


Ah, the days where we though the religious reactionary right would be upset that the draft dodging candidate who hired illegal immigrants at his clubs and vineyards was raw dogging playmates and porn stars.

Instead, they rationalized it with the “imperfect vessel” nonsense.


Wait…the Enquirer paid to cover up a high-profile affair? What?? The only way this makes any sense is if Trump bribed them.


That’ll teach them….smfh.


Netanyahu opponents reach coalition deal to oust Israeli PM

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I don’t know if his replacement will be any better, but I’m glad to see him gone.


No man other than Netanyahu could cause a government headed by a hardcore right-wing prime minister with 6 seats, with participation from hardcore left-wing Meretz, supported by United Arab List which has a god damn shura council, to form for the sole purpose of ousting him personally.


This is huge. The main problem in Israeli politics, and by extension the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is corruption. Both Bibi and Abbas are horrible people that keep this stalemate going.

If Lapid and Bennet manage to form a coalition, even just a short enough one to pass legislation preventing from a person facing criminal charges for running for Prime Minister and indtrocude term limits, it will be a huge first step in fighting the corruption on the Israeli side.

In addition, this is the paralmentary democratic process in action. Many smaller parties form a coalition, each comprising heavily but it is necessary to to move forward and face the deeper issues at play. This is the first time in Israel’s history that an Arab party will be part of the coalition, it’s actual history.


Just hours after u/tedcruz had a photo op with him to gain some of Netanyahu’s credibility. That’s 0 for 2 Ted.


I’m not a fan of bennett either but as long as he is in a coalition with a center-left majority he can’t do too much harm.

That being said, even if this government is disfunctional it’s a success in my eyes, it finally got rid of a corrupt PM who was willing to start wars for political gain and would sell every single one of his voters for another day in charge, we can finally move to a new chapter in our history, which hopefully is a more peaceful one.


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu replaced, opposition leader officially informed the President. Naftali Bennett will be the new PM of Israel with Yair Lapid in rotation. First coalition ever with an Arab party.

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The title is inaccurate, Netanyahu hasn’t been replaced yet, Lapid only informed the President that he assembled a government but the Knesset has to vote for the government first


while Bennett is more extreme than Bibi, this government isn’t.
And the government structure matters in Israeli politics not just who’s in charge.
It has extreme left, extreme right, centrist, moderates and even an Arab party.


There will probably be another general election early next year. I don’t see this coalition staying together.


I’m not a fan of bennett either but as long as he is in a coalition with a center-left majority he can’t do too much harm.

That being said, even if this government is disfunctional it’s a success in my eyes, it finally got rid of a corrupt PM who was willing to start wars for political gain and would sell every single one of his voters for another day in charge, we can finally move to a new chapter in our history, which hopefully is a more peaceful one.


A left-wing/right-wing/Islamist/Zionist coalition is, uhh, not exactly what I was expecting out of all of this.