$270 billion fund Guggenheim is seeking Bitcoin exposure, SEC filing shows

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Wake me up when Vanguard has a Dogecoin index fund.


Ultimately a coin can only have value if its useful, arguably we (maybe) have three which could be useful, two are yet to prove it. Compare that to the 1000s of scam coins and you can see why people are sceptical. If its just speculative go nuts i suppose.


Just want to say that GAAF is a name just ready-made for headlines in the event that they mess up. Definitely an oversight on someone’s part.


Queue dozens of people who have spent 1 hour researching something that takes thousands of hours to understand shouting their opinion.


The amount of institutions, companies, and billionaires pouring into BTC over the last year has been pretty incredible. Yet of course the armchair analysts here in /r/investing *still* believe that Bitcoin is a worthless, outdated, ponzi scam bubble…and now more recently (and my personal favorite): “it’s bad for the environment!!” These people shout from the sidelines while the rest of us see the writing on the wall. Those of us who haven’t listened to this silly fud year after year have increased our net worth more in just a few years than most of these clueless no-coiners have in DECADES. Yet of course, they’ll continue to point to “but look at how much it’s down this month!”