Air Canada’s $10 million in bonuses for management is ‘morally bankrupt’ after mass layoffs, says union

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> The company had a disastrous fiscal year, reporting a $3.8-billion operating loss after passenger travel declined 73 per cent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, its board of directors found room in the budget to approve $20-million in “Pandemic Mitigation Bonuses” for management’s “exceptional performance” during the pandemic. System has been broken for a long time, and this just proves that they don’t care about the optics anymore.


Bonus for crying to the feds for bailout money, (which they did need to stay somewhat alive), but then taking their cut off the top, because they did the job of crying so well. And the money is probably in the Cayman Islands or someplace similar by now.


Yes. They laid workers off. Congrats. You deserve as bonus.


….They don’t care. Why the fuck anyone on this planet thinks that their employer or their government is on their side is beyond me.


Fuck the airlines. Bailouts, bonuses, it’s all bullshit. If your business needs taxpayer money to survive, fuck your business. You don’t deserve to be in business.