Amazon plans to share your internet with your neighbors. This is how you opt out

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I have an easy opt out. No Echos.


Alternatively you can just opt out by not buying amazon products.


If it is opt out (as opposed to opt in) this really, really shouldn’t be legal. It sets a horrifying precedent: corporations can take your private property (wifi connection) WITHOUT ASKING and effectively use it as if it was theirs. It wouldn’t be just bad and insecure from a tech standpoint, it would be a true, monstrous disaster for the concept itself of individual private property. As usual, corporations only like private property when it’s THEIR property. If it’s YOURS, they reserve the right to de facto steal it from you. And of course, when it’s your private property the government doesn’t give a shit. Property protections are only for members of the club.


Had Amazon sidewalk enabled. (Kids) Noticed network slowdown for a number of days straight. Found a foreign device on my *secured* network sucking down about 30GB *a day*… disabled sidewalk. All gone. (Still blacklisted the device in case that shit comes back on. Stupid.) Edit: yeah I think I need to look into this again. It was one of those things I was pissed about and fixed and moved on from. The article reminded me. Maybe I need to ask my ISP for some insight. It does seem like an awful lot of data.


This is got to be one of those reasons why I don’t put “internet of things” in my home. No assistant, no internet connected thermostat or appliances, nothing. The only things connected to the internet are computers, phones and tablets, and a Roku stick on each TV. Even with my internet, I bought my own router and modem because I don’t want Xfinity using my home as a hotspot. My fear is one day they will force it. I think it’s ridiculous all these companies that keep trying to use our internet connections as hot spots or whatever. If they want the internet everywhere then they should pay for it and put it everywhere, not rely on us to provide. And yeah, I know it doesn’t count on our bandwidth and everything, but still, I don’t want people connected to my home network in any way, shape, or form.