Amazon warehouse workers are seriously injured more frequently than those at other companies

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Here smoke this joint and keep packing those boxes


I’m in my mid 20s and Iv been working the 1 year as a means to stay a float thought out the pandemic. I have throw out my back and am on a slow and painful road to recovery :/. And they say they’re I’ll accommodate my injury but every night I’m on another job where I’m straining my back again. Leaving me in an awkward position to either power though, do my job badly or go to them saying I can’t do that job. Oh and they won’t supply me with a back brace I have to by that on my own for like £30….. for an injury their overly high targets caused It’s a joke sometimes.


I have multiple friends with work injuries incurred while taking up filler work with Amazon. These people were all just between career steps and that injury will now probably affect the rest of their lives… backs, shoulders, hips, all over stressed injuries.


Bezos has got to do something about his Lex Luthor visual appearance. I mean yeah he needs to or at least *should be* doing a giant multitude of things (and isn’t) but his visual-aesthetic is pure Lex-Luthor and I mean, come on.


Or people just aren’t reporting smaller employers… OSHA doesn’t check an employer’s accident logs unless they get called in or it’s part of a random inspection.