Anti-vax evangelical pastor and far-right conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles hospitalized with COVID-19, given oxygen support

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Nope. He forfeited his right to medical care. Open the bed back up for someone who has taken this pandemic seriously but contracted it from some knuckle dragger like this by no fault of their own. I’m done pretending to care about anyone who supports the right.


“They got to him” “They’re canceling him” is probably on the minds of many of his conspiracy nutters.


Oh no…anyways.


> “I am not going to be vaccinated,” he said in April. “I’m going to be one of the survivors. I’m going to survive the genocide.” > “You and I are witnessing the first global mass murder and it’s being led by Satan’s team on the planet,” he told his fans. “You must survive it. Do not be vaccinated.” > “URGENT REQUEST – please be praying for Rick Wiles right now,” the church posted. “Please repost so that there’s an army of people praying.”


play stupid games, die choking on your own disintegrating lungs. good riddance