At this exact moment, how far away are you from where you were born?

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Probably 100 ft…. my wife may be having our baby soon in the same hospital that I was born in. *Edited wording


About 5 miles and 35 years.


about 250 billion miles, based on how fast our galaxy is rotating


Just a couple blocks. I work in an offshoot of the hospital I was born in.


9,000 miles, or 14484.1 kilometers. Edit: Aight, this is embarrassing but my dumbass mixed up the number of miles away from my birthplace and how many hours away I am. I am 9 hours away from my birthplace and I am 583.3 miles away, or 938.73036 kilos away. I have no idea why my stupid ass self thought it was 9,000 miles. What the fuck, me?