Belarusians are now ‘hostages in their own country’, says Tikhanovskaya in Vilnius

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Gotta admire Ukrainians. They stood up and kicked Yanukovich’s ass all the way back to Russia.


How do protests just die when a fucking dictator rigs an election? I was hoping he’d be in Moscow right now with Sauron’s other refugee dictators, or doing the Mussolini weeble wobble from a building somewhere..


We need an international way to deal with rogue nations, the UN is worthless here because Russia is on the security council and they like Belarus that way. Same with NK and China.


It’s not because of the decision of EU leaders; it is Lukashenko who put our country to this condition. Well said.


Yep, I know families which can not leave the country because government does not let their children to pass the border. The only option is to go through Russia.