Brian Sicknick’s mother attacks Trump for watching Capitol Riot like a ‘soap opera’

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>In an interview with CBS news, Mr Sicknick’s mother Gladys and his longtime partner Sandra Garza said they blame ex-president Donald Trump for inciting the riot – even though they had supported the president themselves, as did Mr Sicknick. > >“[Mr Trump] knew that Brian was devoted to him,” said Ms Garza, “and he did not once reach out to me, to Gladys, he didn’t even send a letter of condolences. He did absolutely nothing.” Ms Garza explained that she would meet with Mr Trump to ask him why he “failed all of law enforcement” that day, and why he has not reached out to them since Mr Sicknick died. > >Ms Sicknick, sitting next to her, opined that Mr Trump “just watched it on television like it was a soap opera. I don’t understand it. How can you be so uncaring?” Ms. Sicknick, Donald Trump is a dangerously unstable sociopath with dementia. I’m sorry for your loss. Please understand that you have been conned by this man and the Republican party. They must be held to account for everything.


Interesting they’ll use the word “attacks” for a woman rightly criticizing the man responsible for the Capitol insurgency that killed her son but almost never for the traitorous mob that laid siege upon our government nor their artificially orange hued savior. Edit: a word


I’d say he watched it more like a porn flick.


That’s exactly what he did, he loved every minute of it, and based on what he’s currently doing & saying he wants there to be a rerun!


fuck these people all the other cruelty done by trump up till jan 5th though, “he’s doing a heck of a job!”