Buy and hold good companies. Worked with my dad over the summer of 2012 when I was 16 and used some of the $ for that crazy MySpace clone.. worked out well.

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Thats some serious shit, well done


35.73% per year average for 9 years. Wow.


I mean, yeah. In hindsight was a good play, but the talent lies in determining which ones ar going to be the ‘good’ companies.


Well-done. I am in $19 and still holding 300 shares. Initially purchased 1000 shares and friends thought I was was nuts, but my thinking at the time was that they had 2B pairs of eyeball and someone would figure a way to monetize it. (no other DD) Used the shares I sold to purchased my home. With the proceeds, I also purchased 1000 share of AMD @ $2 – still holding.


I almost feel the stink from all the apes washing off a bit