Cancer ‘power failure’ stops the spread of tumor cells – New research from the University of Salford shows that cutting off the fuel supply can effectively stop the spread of cancer cells

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Often times, when an article like this is posted, I see a slew of comments that sort of “bring us back down to earth” from where the headline had us. This stuff is *far* beyond any of my areas of expertise, but these nuggets from the article seem to present a pretty optimistic narrative:   > This is important as nearly 90% of all cancer patients that undergo treatment failure, die from the spread of cancer throughout the body. > The Translational Medicine Laboratory at the University of Salford have now isolated the ‘fittest’ cancer cells for the first time using a special sensor to detect ATP in living cells > Fiorillo, Sotgia, Lisanti and colleagues used an FDA-approved drug that was originally designed to inhibit energy production in bacteria. The drug, Sirturo, targeted the fuel supply of cancer cells and blocked metastasis by nearly 85%. The drug had no effects on normal cells, thereby minimizing side-effects. It found that treatment with Sirturo caused a ‘power failure,” but only in cancer cells > Sirturo is already FDA-approved, with these findings paving the way for new cancer clinical trials. Can anyone with more expertise provide a breakdown on whether or not this is as much of a breakthrough as it sounds to a layman like myself?


This theory has been around for at least 20 years. I know it was promoted as a big breakthrough that the hormone that promotes blood vessel growth in tumors had been identified and a drug developed to block it. And then nothing seemed to come of it. The idea was to starve the tumor of blood and kill it.


There are 3 posts about stopping cancer in the last 10 posts on my list. Hopefully one day soon, one of them will actually work outside of a lab!


In breast cancer often times estrogen is blocked since the cancer feeds from it. So is this the same thing but targeting other hormones/food supplies?


Is it true that a ketogenic diet (or fasting) would effectively accomplish the same thing? I heard that cancerous cells can’t get ‘fuel’ from ketones… maybe not a treatment by itself but a good complement.