Cargo Ship Carrying 25 Tons of Acid Sinks in Sri Lankan Waters; Marks One of Worst Environmental Disasters in Decades

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I work in the maritime industry and deal with marine incidents on a fairly regular basis. One VERY important fact that the news reports fail to mention is the fact that the crew KNEW about the acid leak already on the 11th of May and reported it in Qatar (the vessel came from there) AND in India to get it sorted out before a fire broke out. They were told to fuck off as usual. Now we have an enviromental disaster and 2 crewmembers in hospital. Guess who is going to get prosecuted for this? The Master, despite the best intentions. This behaviour is not unusual, the seafarers are treated like the scum of the earth by many countries, and this example only confirms this statement. They are happy to recieve cargo but when it comes to helping the seafarers, that’s where they draw the line.


This is like, the fourth “worst spill in decades” I’ve seen since 2010.


> The MV X-Press Pearl caught fire on May 20, as flame erupted on deck from what authorities believed to be a nitric acid leak, although Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that Sri Lankan authorities are launching a criminal investigation. The fire burned for 13 days before finally being extinguished on Tuesday, AFP reported. > The Sri Lankan government and navy said this is the country’s worst marine disaster, as the sinking ship was carrying 1,486 containers filled with chemicals, including 25 metric tons of nitric acid. […] > Sri Lanka’s Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) said in a statement that microplastic pollution could cause years of ecological damage to the Indian Ocean island. Waves of plastic waste are washing up on shore, and navy sailors were deployed to clean the beaches of the plastic pellets. > “This is like the coronavirus, no end in sight,” Sailor Manjula Dulanjala told AFP. “We removed all the plastic yesterday, only to see more of it dumped by the waves overnight.”


4500 families that rely on fishing are banned from fishing. The microplastics are going to be the demise of nature. They’ll never go away and they are already in everything. These things are the death by 1000 cuts to our planet.


Round of applause for humans..