Chick-fil-A’s profits are being used to push anti-trans state laws & kill the Equality Act. Christian billionaires like Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy and Betsy DeVos are funding one of “the most sophisticated dark money operations” to roll back LGBTQ rights.

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The fact that money buys policy, instead of the will of the people, is the bigger problem.


>***Christian billionaires – including Dan Cathy, an heir to the Chick-fil-A fortune – are behind one of “the most sophisticated dark money operations” ever seen to pass anti-LGBTQ legislation and stop the Equality Act.*** > > > >*Chick-fil-A has been assuring customers for nearly a decade that it has stopped donating to anti-LGBTQ causes, only to be caught doing so time and again. Now the fast food chain’s billionaire co-owner is using the company’s profits to fund hate groups that are passing anti-transgender bills all over the country and a campaign to stop the Equality Act from becoming law.* > > > >**In 2012, the Chick-fil-A Foundation was caught donating to anti-LGBTQ organizations that opposed marriage equality and promoted conversion therapy.** > > > >***Cathy said that the company was “guilty as charged” because they want to promote “the biblical definition of the family unit.” Chick-fil-A later walked back that support and said that they would stop funding organizations with “political agendas.”*** > > > >***In 2019, the Chick-fil-A Foundation was caught once again donating to anti-LGBTQ groups and promised to stop, eliciting jeers from Evangelical leaders. Later that year, their 2018 IRS filings were made public and showed more donations to anti-LGBTQ groups, but the company said that those were just old commitments.*** > > > >Now it seems like Cathy’s strategy is to use the vast funds he has acquired – and continues to receive – from Chick-fil-A to engage in more aggressively anti-LGBTQ activities than the Chick-fil-A Foundation was willing to fund even before it said it would stop in 2019. People who have boycotted the company might be hard-pressed to see a distinction between Chick-fil-A’s profits going to anti-LGBTQ groups through its charitable arm or Chick-fil-A’s owner donating to even more politically active organizations as a private citizen. > > > >***NCF co-founder Terry Parker is the director or the treasurer of several organizations with names like “Christian Heritage Foundation of Steamboat Springs,” which the analyst said are funding things including “advocating for the forced sterilization of transgender people” in Europe.*** > > > >*“That’s the super-dark money element, versus that kind of standard run-of-the-mill dark money,”* the analyst told The Daily Beast. *“They’re doing hardcore extreme stuff, but they make it seem like it’s a bunch of soup kitchens.”* ​ These groups are amongst the most vicious groups not only in the country but around the world. They have advocated for things like what has happened in Ghana, imprisoning gay people and in Cameroon, where two trans women were placed into prison for “Attempted Homosexuality”. They are ethically evil, and they have stood in the way of getting rid of harmful practices like conversion therapy and preventing LGBTQ+ adoption. These groups are sick and evil.


They opened a Chick-Fil-A in my part of North Jersey a year+ ago and you should see that place every night; they essentially created a maze in the parking lot to accommodate the large drive-thru crowd that sometimes spills out onto the highway itself.


Seriously what is wrong with these people? They are like cartoon villains. Just take your billions and fuck off to your fleet of yachts already.


A person born a man who makes the choice to transition into a woman literally affects only the life of themselves and possibly some of their loved ones. Chrsitian billionaires need to mind their own fucking business. *edit: I am aware that trans people are from all genders, the example i gave is just that, an example.