Cloudy skies are used to represent sadness and stormy skies represent anger. But the stormy sky is also cloudy which shows that anger really is another way of expressing sadness.

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True, something I learned in therapy that has helped me tremendously is that anger is a secondary emotion. You always feel the real emotion first. As a mom, I’m usually scared abt my 7yo daughter’s choices to do unsafe things. I’m scared first, then angry. The real emotion adults usually feel first is either fear or hurt. Someone made you feel a way, then you get angry. Understanding this has helped my adult perspective tremendously as now I stop and ask myself why I angry before unleashing it lol.


” You humans have so many emotions! You only need two: anger and confusion! ” – Michael, The Good Place


We use happy smiley faces to represent happiness, and we use sad smiley faces to represent sadness. But both are smiley faces which shows that the happy smiley is another way to express sadness.


In this case this sadness which could not be unloaded unloads in anger, or violent storm. I like this one


My farts have a smell, flowers have a smell too, ergo my farts are flowers.