Conservatives more susceptible than liberals to believing political falsehoods, a new U.S. study finds. A main driver is the glut of right-leaning misinformation in the media and information environment, results showed.

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>Conservatives also showed a stronger “truth bias,” meaning that they were more likely to say that all the claims they were asked about were true. “That’s a problem because some of the claims were outlandish – there should have been no ambiguity about whether they were true or not,” he said. I find that part interesting. Basically, “I saw it on TV / social media – it must be true”.


>Overall, both liberals and conservatives were more likely to believe stories that favored their sides – whether they were true or not. > >-the actual article itself The comments down here are infuriatingly smug and exactly what the problem is; the study literally showed that the people snarkily commenting on here are still *more likely to believe falsehoods if it fits their beliefs.* This is bad, full stop. This is nothing to celebrate, this is something to fix.


>One of the major issues identified in the study was that these widely shared truths and falsehoods have different implications for liberals and conservatives. Two-thirds (65%) of the high-engagement true statements were characterized as benefiting liberals, while only 10% of accurate claims were considered beneficial to conservatives. On the other side, 46% of falsehoods were rated as advantageous to conservatives, compared to 23% of false claims benefiting liberals. This “Falsehoods were rated advantageous” may played a significant role in the results since they’re twice likely to give advantage to Conservatives than liberals


I really hate how hard and time consuming it is to find truthful/factual information. Like why is it even a thing to spread lies? Messed up. Edit: I know why the lies are spread (agendas, greed, money, etc. etc) I’m just baffled that people choose that over a clean conscience.


Nowadays all news should be researched. So much bias, cannot believe most at face value.