Eighteen million trees to be planted around Glasgow. The Clyde Climate Forest will be part of the city region’s commitment to reaching Net Zero. It will increase woodland cover in the area from 17% to 20%

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Now if only other cities would make even a small effort to do something similar.


Thank you for sharing this 🙂


Everyone can plant trees! I have an 8 by 8 garden bed in my yard and raise maples for 3 years before planting them in the wild in cages in the woods near my house.


How long would it take to plant these trees? That’s quite a substantial no. The initial budget is 650k so I guess they get quite a discount for bulk buying trees lol. On a serious note I applaud the idea but the devil is in the details


Do we call it increase? Better would be to call it restore to pre human situation! Europe used to be covered with forest but we cut it all down. Now we shit on other countries for doing the same. Its about time we did something about it on our (the west) own turf