Elderly woman in Spain eaten by her cats after she died supposedly from COVID-19

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“partially eaten”. The article ends with this little extra which seems simultaneously pertinent and unnecessary. “Scientists have previously studied the phenomenon, observing what happened when feral cats got on to a “body farm” used for scientific research in the US. Researchers at the Colorado facility caught the late-night snacking on security camera, finding that the cats started eating when the bodies were in early stages of decomposition and ended when fluids begin leaking out. They gnawed through to the bone. With over 40 bodies to choose from at the facility, scientists found that the cats returned to the same body repeatedly – with one targeting a corpse almost nightly for 35 nights straight.”


Pets kinda do this all the time if they go a long time before someone finds the body…


Carnivores with a single source of food available to them I don’t think it’s very oniony just sad that the old lady didn’t have any family to visit her for so long


That’s sad. Cats forced to eat old people to survive…


Cats ate her face, ask Dewey, he knows more about it.