Elephant trunks are amazing at sucking: researchers at Georgia Tech discovered that elephants can use suction to grab food and are able to pick up tortilla chips without breaking them. They can also inhale at speeds exceeding 490 feet per second, or almost 30 times as fast as humans can sneeze.

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Very poor choice of words


Sounds like they could teach my ex a few things


Doesn’t it make you wonder how elephants would perform surgery? They would have to wear sterile nose gloves, right? You don’t want elephants breathing directly on your surgical tools. Can they breath if they’ve got a glove over their trunk? Do they lose a lot of dexterity if they can’t use suction to pick things up? Elephants probably make poor surgeons.


I wonder how they know how much suction to apply or how hard to grab with their nostril “fingers”. Could the hairs around the ends of their trunks give them feedback to tell them about what they’re poking? The trunk-eye coordination is blowing my mind.


cue the influx of sucking jokes