Employees Are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Working From Home

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I’m back at my office now and find it pretty pointless. I’m literally doing the exact thing I did at home for 9 months. I don’t take phone calls, there are no meetings, nobody talks to me except for maybe 1 or 2 questions a day, which was taken care of previously by a quick phone call. The only difference now is that I spend 40 bucks a week on gas and lose about 20 hours of productivity a week of getting things done at home.


Enough companies are embracing fully remote / flexible work that there’s not much incentive to go back to an office. It’s not like these people are quitting working entirely – they’re abandoning the companies that refuse to adapt to new ways of working. In my first job, I had to wear a suit and tie everyday. When we met with clients, we took off the suit & tie and rolled up our sleeves because it made our more “modern” clients uncomfortable/harder to connect with (something important in sales). So we were wearing suit and tie to sit in a cubicle, and then would take it off to actually do our jobs. What a joke. I left after a year. I heard they implemented “jean fridays” recently.


Yup. Boss told me 2 weeks ago we had to start going back into the office. I start my higher paying fully remote job next week. I’m a Cloud Engineer that built the companies cloud infrastructure, how are you gonna reason with me that I need to be physically present?


Good. Especially in tech. Why the fuck do you need to be in an office to submit pull requests?


I’m a director of engineering running a few dev teams, and only my teams are remote at the company. Repeatedly, other directors pass on superb candidates not based in one of our three hub locations, and HR offer them to me. So everyone else in the company recruits only from London, Edinburgh and Glasgow while I get the whole world. Fine by me…