FDA says to avoid eating cicadas ‘if you’re allergic to seafood’

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Huh. People eat cicadas on enough of a scale for the FDA to talk about how their species is related to shrimps and lobsters. Well. That’s a TIL.


Types “cicada recipes” into the search bar. Google: “About 4,320,000 results” Well, alrighty then. “Spicy Popcorn Cicadas, Tempura Cicada Recipe with Sriracha Aioli, Cicada Cookies…” (Show More) Um, okay. (click) “Cicada Chips, Soft-Shelled Cicadas, Deep Fried Tarantula Spider…” That’s enough out of you, Google.


> Cicadas might seem like a crispy, protein-packed snack TO WHO?


Come down to Red Lobster’s Endless Summer of Shrimp and Cicadas!


> FDA says to avoid eating cicadas Will do. No need to tell me twice.