Feds: Seattle man arrested trying to join ISIS terror group

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His mosque reported him, after failing to de-radicalize him. He wasn’t caught in an FBI sting, just helped by concerned members of his community. Super cool part of the story.


When he was arrested, the complaint said, Williams agreed to speak with investigators. The complaint quotes him as saying that he intended to become an “executioner” or a “machine-gunner.” “It doesn’t matter what you guys do to me. I get rewarded for it,” Williams said, according to the complaint. He added: “I want to die. We love our deaths more than you love your lives.” What do you do with people like this?


Meanwhile, a retired U.S. general has called for the violent overthrow of America and that apparently is perfectly ok.


Isn’t ISIS practically out of business, though? That’s like trying to join… Toys R Us.


But it’s cool for a sitting congressman to attend a terrorist convention? Louie Gohmert was at a QANON convention and the FBI says they are a terrorist organization (they are).