Florida 10-year-old shot after man returns paintball fire with real gunfire

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Read the story. The kids is 10. The dad is 26. This means dad was 15 when the kid was conceived. There’s a history of horrible life decisions going on here.


So much more to this. Holy fuck. And then the kid somehow got ran over BY HIS FATHER conducting the drive by paintballing with him.


Believe it or not, this isn’t another “guns are outta control in America!” story. No, this story is about a stupid father who indulged his son’s stupid impulses which ended in his kid being shot by a homeowner who legit thought he was under attack by a gun-wielding assailant. And the father also ran over his kid. Jesus Christ.


>The homeowner confused the paintball for real gunfire, telling police he thought his family was being attacked. He fired one shot, which struck the child. The boy then lost his balance and was run over by his father’s vehicle, police said.


Stupid fucking father.