Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs transgender athlete bill into law on first day of Pride Month

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Original bill included compulsory genital examinations for students. So like, US Gymnastics oversaw the molestation of a bunch of children and Republican Florida congressfolks were like, “We’ll take some of that please?” What the fuck, Florida?


If Trump ends up unable to run in 2024, this dude is clearly going to make a move to inherit his base.


I’m all for equality, however there is a difference in puberty development among the sexes. If you go through puberty as a male you should not be able to compete in female sports.


“I wanna know that when I’m touching myself to women’s volleyball, I’m not wasting strokes on some *dude*.”


It’s a good thing he did. Biological women should not be competing against biological men. It’s not fair and it’s not safe.