Florida governor signs bill targeting transgender athletes on 1st day of Pride Month

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You can be pro lgbtq rights and still recognize the dumbness if having trans compete with women from a competitive aspect.


It seems nuts to me that Caitlyn Jenner, who is both a transgender woman and an Olympic athlete endorses this ideology… and people spew hate at her for it calling her “trans-phobic” and and traitor. I’m not sure there a better subject matter expert in the world on that particular issue… and no one thinks her opinion is valid. There are physiological differences between male and female anatomies that invariably give males a distinct competitive advantage over females, given a commensurate level of competition. It’s the reason there are male and female divisions in sports to begin with. I can think of few better ways to diminish the value of women’s athletic achievements than to allow people with inherent physical advantages given by their birth sex to compete in the same athletic competitions as them.


This is great for girls that want to compete fairly in public schools.


Who cares what day/month it is? Transgender females went through adolescence with testosterone, same as men. That’s the entire fucking reason the sports are separate. Anyone who has a problem with it can go fuck themselves.


I know this will generate hate but I always ask this question and never get an answer. What are the requirements for a transgender female to qualify for a Female Sports Scholarship?