Ghislaine Maxwell loses latest bail request

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I love that every article on her now includes the now classic Hector Salamanca-esque court sketch of this horrible woman.


> Maxwell’s lawyers have said she cannot properly prepare for trial because of sleep deprivation, a lack of potable water, a sewage stench in her cell, an inability to meet privately with her lawyers or keep jail guards from reviewing her confidential materials, and an underpowered computer to review evidence. No bottled water, no privacy, doesn’t have the latest Macbook… Absolutely horrendous. /s


Thoughts & Prayers Turn over the evidence and start naming names.


*“Ghislaine Maxwell is subjected to more grueling conditions than any other inmate” at the Brooklyn jail, her lawyer David Markus said in an email. “This is due to the Epstein effect. Because Epstein died on the jail’s watch, it has decided to torture Ghislaine. That’s wrong.”* Not credible, but TBH don’t care if true, either.


This is sort of off topic, but how do you pronounce this woman’s name? I never know.