‘GOP Isn’t Going to Meet Us Halfway’: Top Progressive Presses Biden to Cut Off Infrastructure Talks With Republicans | “It’s time to go alone—and get this done,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

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The filibuster is already ended for tax cuts and judicial appointments. Basically, the only things Republicans care about. Keeping it for all other legislation is just playing yourself at this point.


They should have always gone alone. Today’s Republican party is never going to work with them. The only thing Republicans are good at is being outraged daily at something insignificant.


The Republicans’ only goal during a Democratic administration is obstruction. McConnell himself has gleefully admitted this, multiple times. The GOP got their tax cuts and stacked the judiciary under Trump; there is nothing more that they want. There are no bargaining chips. We have *nothing* that we can offer that will get them to negotiate in good faith. All that bargaining will do now is weaken whatever plan the Democrats put forward. We’ll cut spending, limit regulations, and generally make the bill less useful, and then the GOP will still refuse to vote for it wholesale. Fuck the GOP, and fuck Joe Manchin.


LOL @ “not meet us halfway”. The Dems could literally let the GOP write the bill exactly the way they want it and then the GOP would still vote against it so as not to give Biden a win.


It’s really concerning how a lot of democrats and d voters are acting like everything is back to normal and we can just work out our issues with the party that attempted to take over the government 6 months ago.