Hundreds of fishing fleets that go ‘dark’ suspected of illegal hunting, study finds

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So we have countries selfishly ransacking the oceans for their own gain, and countries selfishly ransacking the world’s rainforests for their own gain. These are both incredibly important places for the carbon lifecycle and biodiversity. Biodiversity collapse is not something we can reverse. You can’t un-extinct a species, and these species form a complex and delicate web of dependence. When is enough enough? What can we do to help stop this?


>Vessels primarily from China switch off their tracking They don’t JUST fish in illegal waters. They literally have PLA soldiers disguised on these “fishing boats” to intimidate impoverished Filipino fisherman away from their ancestral fishing grounds. Ok China… Not only have you overfished and polluted the oceans all around your country… Now you use gangster/mob tactics to continue this ecological destruction all the way in the Philippians and other areas! When is this going to stop?! The CCP thugs are such an embarrassment to the world. They gotta go! (edit for spelling)


This is where technology can mitigate the problem. AIS is a voluntary system for ships over 300 tonnes to declare their position and the purpose of their voyage. Switching it off does not hide them from space-based surveillance sensors, such as Canada’s RADARSAT constellation, which leverages space-based synthetic aperture radar to identify ALL the boats off their coasts and adjacent to their EEZ. By comparing the actual location of these ships to their declared purpose under AIS, or their lack thereof because their AIS was disabled, they can quickly isolate those vessels which are not behaving in accordance with their declared intentions. Surface-based and airborne reconnaissance platforms can then be dispatched to investigate and, if found to be acting illegally, apprehend these pirates. This is not a new problem. Left unopposed, countries like China will continue to disrespect the sovereignty of other nations and steal their resources.


This is why trade sanctions against China are necessary. They have no ethics whatsoever, and yet, we still buy all their shit…


not just china but spain also.