If people are trying to make you feel bad, they do care about your feelings.

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I think most of the comments here missed the point. People making you feel bad don’t want you to feel good. So in a way, they “care”.


Don’t do that, Don’t give me hope!


“The opposite of love isn’t hate – it’s indifference.”


I guess in the way that they care if you feel good because they don’t want you to feel good.


This is not always true. Abusers want you to feel bad, and they don’t care about your feelings. I stayed for 3 decades with a volatile, scary man because I believed the horrid things he said were because he cared and just didn’t know how to use a filter. I did damage to myself and my kids because I believed that crap. The past nine months after escaping him have been the hardest, scariest and happiest of my life. I had no idea what it was like to wake up not afraid of making someone else angry. Please … if someone else makes you feel bad … get feedback from someone you respect about whether it is in kindness or cruelty. And trust your gut. Abuse is insidious and makes you believe the things they’re saying are true.