‘I’m a teacher but I serve God first’: Virginia teacher refuses to comply with proposed pronoun policy

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Well, this person can go work in a church and get out of the public school system so they can “serve god”.


Everytime someone uses god to justify some bullshit, just insert myself for god and you will understand them better. ‘I’m a teacher but I serve Myself first’


I don’t remember any deity commenting on the use of pronouns. Seems like you might just be a hateful bigot teach.


But if you serve God how come you are mixing fabrics in your clothing? How DARE YOU sin in such a way??? REPENT! LOL


I’m sure we can expect to see his candidacy for some political office soon. What kind of person sticks with a religion that teaches you to hate? The percentage of non-religious people is rising, and the ones that remain in the religious groups are becoming increasingly outlandish and mean as their way of thinking dies out.