Iran’s largest navy ship catches fire, sinks in Gulf of Oman

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“Iran’s largest navy ship” may give people the wrong impression. This was not a fighting ship. It was a 40 year old auxiliary vessel. An Oiler whose function it was to support actual warships, by supplying them with fuel. Its loss primarily affects Iran by limiting the range at which its warships can operate from home. They have other ships that can replenish their fleet while underway but not many and none as big.


Wouldn’t that make it Iran’s former largest navy ship?


That right there is a bad Oman.


Fire? At the sea park?


Lot of people who aren’t sailors in this thread talking about sabotage without realizing ships catch fire…all the fucking time. There’s a reason why everyone is trained in firefighting. It happens. Even to 1st world navies. Source: I’m a sailor.