Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu replaced, opposition leader officially informed the President. Naftali Bennett will be the new PM of Israel with Yair Lapid in rotation. First coalition ever with an Arab party.

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The title is inaccurate, Netanyahu hasn’t been replaced yet, Lapid only informed the President that he assembled a government but the Knesset has to vote for the government first


while Bennett is more extreme than Bibi, this government isn’t. And the government structure matters in Israeli politics not just who’s in charge. It has extreme left, extreme right, centrist, moderates and even an Arab party.


There will probably be another general election early next year. I don’t see this coalition staying together.


I’m not a fan of bennett either but as long as he is in a coalition with a center-left majority he can’t do too much harm. That being said, even if this government is disfunctional it’s a success in my eyes, it finally got rid of a corrupt PM who was willing to start wars for political gain and would sell every single one of his voters for another day in charge, we can finally move to a new chapter in our history, which hopefully is a more peaceful one.


A left-wing/right-wing/Islamist/Zionist coalition is, uhh, not exactly what I was expecting out of all of this.