Jerusalem “sacred”? No it is a violent idiotic mess

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“My God has a bigger dick than your God” George Carlin, 1996


The bible God is addicted to blood, and Jerusalem is its sacrifical table. Yeah its Holy alright.


Personally I think it’s great religion continues to murder each other over their idiotic difference therefore proving my point that religion has no place in this world and that it’s for the savages. I personally find it distasteful, but ironically hilarious this is how they choose to behave


I’ve been to Jerusalem when I was a Christian. I went for Holy Week. From an historical viewpoint, it remains one of the coolest places I’ve ever visited. From a secular standpoint, as I am now atheist, it still remains an historical gem to me, but is less mystical and spiritual and more of a check on a bucket list.


I actually really like visiting Jerusalem as an atheist. It’s very pretty. There is so much history . It’s important to many people around the world so it’s culturally interesting. And the food is delicious. This isn’t to say that it’s messy because of how it’s tied up in the religion and politics of the Middle East, because it is. But it’s more than that.