Jewish student forced to eat pork after missing football training session

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> According to the report, McKinley High School’s Coach Wattley Marcus and seven of his assistant coaches are being accused of ordering the 17-year-old student into the gym, sitting him down and forcing him to eat a pepperoni pizza sitting on the floor. If the student refused, he would have been kicked off the team, and the entirety of the squad would have been forced to run extra exercise drills for his defiant behavior. What in the actual fuck? And not one of the other coaches was like “not cool”? McKinley High School has a _problem_, you guys.


Absolutely disgusting, and the 8 coaches should be fired at the least. The question I want answered, what’s the high school football budget that they can afford 8 HIGH SCHOOL football coaches?


It’s a hate crime and criminal child abuse. These fuckers should be looking at jail.


He is a great athlete, so he should leave and join the arch rival school district!


This shit wouldnt even be acceptable if the kid wasnt jewish wtf Those 7 guys got rejected by the police academy