King County is first in the country to ban facial recognition software

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>King County became the first county in the country to ban government use of facial recognition software. The Amazon store can still use it on you when you’re on their property…


Rich people realised this one affects them, too.


Google, Facebook etc are worth trillions because they own your online interactions. There is a reason Walmart spends more on AI than any of them. Owning the data that comes from observing individuals in real life, not just watching key strokes, is going to prove far more valuable. Once AI catches up to the depth of information available from facial expressions and body language, all those cameras in Walmart will grant their corporation a full psych profile of everyone who walks through the door. I do not want anyone having that level of omnipotence, especially not at a government level where laws don’t apply. Edward Snowden made very clear, this sort of data is abused.


It should be banned everywhere.


My brother bought a new car and there’s an invasive face scanner that monitors you at all times when the vehicle is moving “for safety purposes”. It’s creepy af.