LPT: Don’t hesitate to call 911 when you come across an accident. The worst thing you can do for a potential victim is assume someone else has already called when they may not have. Even if someone has already called, you may be able to provide more details for first responders.

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piggybacking off this as an employee of the ambulance service. If you do call, please do not tell us to “just send an ambulance” and then walk on by. Unless it is unsafe for you to do so, please at least stay long enough so we can ask you questions about what is happening. I know you’re being a good samaritan, but you’d be a better samaritan if you gave us as much information as possible.


Agreed. Also goes for hazards on the road. Over the years I’ve called for a straight up 12 ft ladder on the left lane, logs, suitcases, non working traffic lights haha. Of course I call the local Department of Transportation crew for those not 911 but always call if you think it’ll help.


My wife called once when we saw a domestic abuse incident occuring on the side of the freeway. The dispatcher was livid because they had already gotten 5 calls about it. As if THAT was the important thing in this situation


I’ve lived by this since learning about the “bystander effect” in college. Much better to be the 10th caller after a critical incident than find out later that no one called.