LPT employee birthdays are an all or none proposition. If you manage/employ people you can’t miss a single one if you celebrate any single one.

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I worked for an insurance company who did a once a month thing; cake, cheese tray, bagels, fruits, coffee/tea and they printed out a cute little sign listing all the birthdays that month. One and done and it was always exciting to get free food all day.


Once when I was in high school I got invited to Kyle’s birthday party. Kyle’s birthday party was on the Saturday after his birthday. Kyle’s birthday party was on my birthday. I went, and I didn’t tell anyone that it was my birthday, because it was Kyle’s birthday party.


Even better: don’t celebrate my birthday. I just want to be left in peace.


I don’t participate in any annual celebrations at work. I tell all my direct reports “Please don’t get me anything for my birthday or Xmas and don’t expect anything from me either.” Normally I do send gifts for marriages and new babies but I do that separately and independently from the group gift. Few instances from my last that helped me to form my personal policy. – several single male co workers in the past have complained about all the baby showers they felt obligated to attend. – early in my career, my line manager was planning a baby shower for our dept director and publicly shared total $ individuals were contributing. When I declined to participate, she was vocal about it and tried to guilt me. -Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate birthdays. Found that out when someone reported our dept to HR because they were JW and felt the monthly bdays were a hostile work environment. -at least 2 work places had an “in crowd” who decided the baby showers and birthdays to be celebrated igniting the less popular members of the team. Very weird when two women are pregnant at the same time and only one gets baby showers, team lunches, baby name guessing, etc. I’ve absolutely worked at places where this was not a problem but I don’t even want to try to figure out if it’s going to be an issue. Feelings get hurt, people get resentful…it’s all petty and stupid. If you want to do something independently and out of the office, go for it. But I don’t participate in organized work gift giving anymore.