LPT: Even if you know your friend won’t be able to attend your party for whatever reason, still send them an invitation to show that you care about them.

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I feel like this could backfire by essentially making it seem like you are guilt tripping them


Otherwise known as the send me a gift but don’t come invite.


As with everything on this sub I feel like the answer is, it depends. For a wedding, totally you should do that. It’s a once in a lifetime thing where the invitation process is fairly formal. Obviously never invite someone who you don’t want to come but it’s pretty standard to send everyone you want to come an invitation even if you know they might not be able to make it. For something more casual like a birthday party, if you’re having a party and know your out-of-state friend/family member won’t be able to get off work that doesn’t make you a jerk for not sending them an invitation. All parties should be mature enough to recognize the situation and not take offense.


No, don’t send me an invite. I can’t come, we talked about it and it’s really lame to send invites to people knowing they can’t come. How about if there is a question contact them and ask what they want?