LPT: If you have an iPhone this is your reminder to go to Settings > Mail > Signature and remove “Sent from my iPhone” as the default signature. It takes 5 seconds and saves you the annoyance of deleting it every time you send an email.

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Then how will people know I have an Iphone?


100% agree. Sent from sofa sounds better anyway, or bed, or bathtub….the locations are endless:)


I get it, I changed mine to “Thank you, [my name]” But I’ve seen it pointed out that if you do a lot of emailing to co workers from phone, you should keep as your signature because it’s a way to let them know why it may not be a properly worded email. You don’t have time to sit down and type out the perfect response. But work ends at the time you clock out, that means emails too.


Change it to “Sent from my Nokia 3310” to really throw the cat among the pigeons