LPT: If you stay at hotels regularly, or are planning a getaway, download the Traffick Cam app; it helps you take photos of your room to upload to a worldwide database to fight slavery and child sex trafficking.

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I wanna say it was back around 2005, police released some photos with a child edited out in hopes someone would recognize the hotel room. I seem to recall internet sleuths almost immediately recognized it as somewhere at or near Walt Disney World and helped the case. I have several flight attendant friends that do the photo thing. The key is also to try and get “the view” out the window. Hotel Chain XYZ may have all their rooms looking identical on the inside, but some landmark out the window can also be the case breaker.


There are very few things an ordinary person can do to stop modern slavery. This is one of them. Thanks OP!


Most important post ive ever seen in here 💎


This is a good thing to do, with one additional caution. Do it when you are leaving the room, not when you first arrive. The chances that these folks will misuse the information seems to be low, but in the age of digital data leaks being the norm instead of the exception, better to be safe than sorry.