LPT: When selling things online, meet at the Police Station.

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I was selling some items for $750 and told the buyer to meet me at a police station right by my house. He agreed and I got there to tell him my parking location he ghosted me. About a week later he messaged me that he was in a bad car accident and finally got his phone back. He then requested we meet somewhere closer to his house since sitting in a car for 1.5 hrs wouldnt be good for him. I told him I would ship but he wanted the items THAT DAY. I replied its local pickup, not delivery. Never heard from the buyer again. Pretty sure I avoided a bad situation.


I was selling a handgun and called up my local PD and asked if it was ok to do that in their lot, said it was no problem as long as I didn’t come in 😂


Wow, a lpt that actually makes sense


As of two years ago corporate owned cellular stores were a good place to do cell phone sales. When I worked there we would check to see if the IMEI was blacklisted. No guarantee but a deterrent. And they have lots of video cameras too. The people I knew who did their transactions there generally said them agreeing to meet there generally meant they were in the up and up. The ones who had excuses about why they couldn’t meet there but 5 blocks away at a gas station pretty much meant it was a scam. That being said I ran into a couple of blacklisted ones.