McDonald’s is testing automated drive-thru ordering at 10 Chicago restaurants

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Remember every time you’ve been stuck behind someone at a self checkout lane in the grocery store who didn’t understand how a barcode reader worked. Now remember that all those people will be ahead of you in line at McD’s…


Sooner or later companies will figure out how not to pay people $15/hr. They have been trying to figure out how not to pay $7.50/hr. With increased minimum wage, there is an extra incentive to automate and put more people out of work. Government controlled Universal Income could remedy that situation until companies figure out a way to not pay higher taxes. One way or another – there is a fine line between economy and innovation stimulating government interference and going too far.


You would think they would try this “test run” in a different city. Can’t see Chicagoans handling an automated cashier fuck up their order in a cordial way.


How long before they decide paying people 15 an hour and providing health insurance is just too much drain on profits? Don’t worry, they’ll eventually come for your job too.


Food service isn’t a bad starting job, just no one wants to stay in it. Would fix the turn over problem if it was understood if you’re getting into it, you’ll be a manager or technical maintence/support.