Me and my wife are both agnostic atheist, but our foster daughter is religious and prays daily. What can we do to get along and not have our differences drive a wedge in our home?

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Foster kids go through a lot. Let her have this. Be supportive and open as I’m sure you already are. If she changes her mind about her beliefs, then she does. If she doesn’t, she’ll still know she had you for support


Teach how how to think (critically) not what to think. Doesn’t even have to be overt either.


I mean as of right now you seem to be doing just fine. You both love each other despite your differences, and you’ve already spoken with her about it. There’s also so much more to relationships than shared (or unshared) religious beliefs. It’s honestly not much different than if you liked watching football and she didn’t. Wish you both luck!


None of it is real. But it does work as a placebo until a secular alternative is found that will satisfy her. What is the difference between being concerned about a person’s welfare and praying for a person’s welfare? Nothing really. Your common ground is showing her how you act and behave similarly but without a theistic belief. But remember she may be keeping a watchful eye upon you to see if you act in a manner she may find ungodly. Don’t let her down. Teach her respect by showing her respect. Teach her humility by being humble. When she wakes up to the realization that you are good without God she may become more agnostic with her beliefs.


How is her praying causing issues? It sounds like you all are doing fine.