Mom accidentally shoots her 5-year-old son while trying to target loose dog, Houston police say

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She’s a shit human being, shooting at a dog that is in the street when it isn’t attacking anyone? I hope she never gets her kid back, she has no business, being a parent OR owning a gun.


“She could have handled it differently.” yeah?


What a piece of shit. I hope her child is put into a real family without a terrible parent. Also, does anyone else think it’s a bit fucked up that the pups’ owner got a fine?


What the hell watching that video and she shot at the dog even when she could see and hear the owner standing right there… I’m guessing she had it out for that dog cause it’s right across the street she knew EXACTLY whose dog that was.


No excuse. I don’t know Texas law but in the majority of places, you don’t have a legal right to just shoot dogs for no reason. And who rides around on a bicycle (with their kids) with a fucking sidearm? Jesus Christ!