My Dad just survived a dangerous open heart surgery where the surgeon told us his chances of living were 50/50. The only person my family could thank was “God”.

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This is a common theme. If the surgeon saves someone’s life, the family thanks god. If the surgeon fails to save their life, the family will blame the surgeon and hospital, and sue for malpractice, even if the surgical team did everything humanly possible to save the patient. Amazingly, no one ever questions why their god would allow the suffering to begin with. If god loves them so much, why did god allow a virus to destroy his heart valve to begin with?


I’m a nurse and see this all the time. A whole team of docs, nurses, respiratory therapists, lab personnel code a person and literally bring them back from the dead, and god gets the thanks. Soooo a big ol’ fuck you to us then?


I’m a doctor in a pretty secular country. So I don’t see this as much. Be sure to tell the staff how much you appreciate it, but we don’t do it for the praise. We’re just happy to see our hard work benefit unfortunate people like your father. Conversely your families viewpoint doesn’t support that God is good, but that he is arbitrary. Because a bunch of other god fearing Christians don’t make it. Why would God, if he is good, protect your family specifically? It’s weird that God acts in such a way as to be indistinguishable from random chance. Best wishes


Big promotion for the doctor.


Why does your family think god gave your dad a messed up heart?