My friend thought rainbows were literal magic from god

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Was your friend homeschooled or something? How could she possibly have reached the age of 24 without knowing that rainbows were caused by diffraction of light through water droplets? That’s insane.


Is your friend….uh….special?


It’s the standard theistic god-of-the-gaps approach: I don’t understand this therefore my god is doing it. The more we know, the less remains for their gods to do. They live in the gaps of our knowledge, a receding space as our knowledge expands more and more, while their gods shrink and shrink.


Huh… and all my life I thought Leprechauns made them. šŸ¤£


I saw Pink Floyd at Anaheim stadium many years ago. It rained before they took the stage. It stopped and there was a double rainbow over the stage . Many said only Pink Floyd could do it. Nonsense of course but not more than any god doing it.