NASA selects 2 new Discovery missions to Venus

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Poor Trident, I REALLY wanted to go back to Neptune :(. I was sure that Trident and one Venusian mission would be picked, but now it looks like we aren’t going to see Triton again for another couple of decades, and we have lost a chance to see Triton’s plumes for at least a century (they go dormant at a certain point of Neptune’s orbit.)


I’m so excited! Venus has been neglected so much and since the potential phosphine detection it’s been on people’s radar a lot more.


That’s good. Venus is lonely and needs a friend since he doesn’t have a happy little moon to keep him company.


Why are the chances we’re able to determine the nature of the “unknown absorber” material?


Davinci was originally billed as a new frontiers budget flyby + probe. They keep the probe, but now on discovery budget, I can’t help but wonder if flyby gets upgraded to 2nd orbiter alongside veritas.