Need questions for my Christian girlfriend.

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Ask her, ‘If she was born, 10,000 years ago, in a small village, in South America, which god would she believe in?’ Christianity was introduced to the America’s roughly 500 years ago. Christianity wasn’t a religion 3000 years ago. Jews had multiple gods 10,000 years ago.


Ask: if i approached you, and said. If you follow me, I will give you this reward, but if you dont follow me I will put this sword in your gut, would you think I was a moral being? If no, Then why is God a moral being if he offers you heaven for following him and hell for not.


How does she feel about her book of morality containing instructions on proper treatment of slaves? Exodus 21


“Can you touch your elbow to your other elbow?” Also, how did Judas Iscariot die?


If the universe requires a creator (god) then who created god? If god doesn’t require an explanation, then why does the universe?